Designers-Factory is developing to offer hundreds of articles at professional prices but above all in accessible quantities.

Aimed at haberdashery professionals, as well as designers with a small structure, you will find on our platform collections of fabrics and haberdashery items sold in small quantities and prepared in batches and kits for some.

Stop storing unnecessarily.

From our many exchanges with our professional customers, it is obvious that the biggest concern they had was the immobilised stock.

We worked to find a solution to this problem and decided to create in order to give professionals access to the quantities they really need.

On the other hand, from our discussions it became clear that all too often having a small structure was equated with having few resources and therefore not being an interesting client. This is obviously for us simply an aberration.

Do you have a haberdashery?

We offer articles already packaged in small quantities and “ready to sell” (bias, piping, elastics…). Fabrics in coupons of 50cm, 1m or 3m according to the references.)

Avoid overstocking your purchases: Order what you need, allow yourself to present our articles and order them at the request of your customers. All our articles are tracked and restocked on a regular basis.

Save time: by taking advantage of our way of presenting our articles: The braids are presented in 5 or 10 metre lengths or in a kit of several colours already in blister packaging, so you don’t waste time cutting to size at the request of your customers, who will be delighted with what they are offered.

However, if you would like larger quantities and/or items that are not shown on our site, contact us, we will be able to provide you with a solution.

Are you a designer and don’t need to order whole rolls?

We have taken the time to talk to many of you so that we can find solutions to your needs. This is why offers you quality products in small quantities at a competitive price so that you can satisfy all your creative desires without having to overstock materials or having to buy materials at the same price as a private customer.

We will be expanding our product catalogue regularly with new qualities, new prints… If you are looking for a product that is not listed with us, please do not hesitate to contact us.

To be able to open an account, you just have to create your account in the classic way and give us your Siret number which is asked for in the form, quite simply.

Your account will then be awaiting approval, and we will respond quickly to all requests.

Prices are displayed exclusive of tax and VAT will be displayed when you place your order in your basket.

Delivery costs are calculated precisely according to the total weight of the order. However, if you have paid an excess charge, we will refund the difference.

We dispatch orders as quickly as possible via the carrier which will be the most efficient according to your location and the size of the order.

We therefore welcome you to our platform, if you have not yet opened an account it is here: Create my account

The designer-factory team

Order simply and serenely

Now you no longer need to make educated calculations before ordering what you like.

Thanks to our way of working, testing and retesting a product will no longer be a problem. Whether you are a retailer or a designer, you will be able to buy or produce your creations in reasonable quantities without unnecessary risks or losses!


A tailored, enterprise-wide solution finally available.

Registering as a customer on our platform does not, of course, commit you to anything other than being able to discover our prices and to be able to place an order.

Create your account in just a few seconds and enjoy your freedom to shop with complete peace of mind.